Definition & Concept

Startup City

Zenciti departs from existing models to prototype from the ground up an innovative platform for new forms of governance, transactions, and culture: a new way of life.

Zencit is a living laboratory for open-source research on sustainable development, wholesome living and participatory governance.

Customized City

Public infrastructure, spaces and amenities are by definition standardized for universal consistent use. Not in Zenciti where digital technology allows for individuated customization.

Hybrid City

Zenciti’s public spaces, institutions, and businesses are designed as hybrid environment that bridge between physical space — a public garden, a classroom, or a conference room and the vast network of services and activities online.

Zenciti’s hybrid environments do more than provide high-speed internet access — a ubiquitous municipal service in Zenciti. They integrate the Internet of Things, Pervasive Computing, Augmented Reality and Telepresence to bring web-based content and activities to people and places in tangible, interactive and impactful ways.

Ecological City

In Zenciti, infrastructure and services constitute a system of systems that yields great benefits from the hyper-connectedness of its constituent parts, much like how nature derives its efficiency and resilience for the densely woven networks of its ecosystems. Roads, sidewalks, gardens and gates constitute an ecosystem; they come alive in a neural network of live feeds, correlating data with other systems such as weather and security, and provide critical information for maintenance, safety and wellbeing.